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Question: I can’t find [insert your favorite show here]?
As you may-or-may-not have noticed from the “alpha” at the top of the site, clicktowatch.tv is still in development. Shows are constantly being added and the site is continually growing. So stay tuned.

Question: Why aren’t there any links to torrents on this site?
Answer: Television shows cost hundreds of millions of dollars to produce. As such, we at clicktowatch.tv firmly believe in supporting the industry we love. Which is why you will only find legal (both paid and free) sources on our site. Thanks for understanding.

Question: Is there any way for me to watch shows if I live outside of the United States?
Indeed there is. Hotspot Shield is a free and legal way to circumvent web filters allowing TV fans from all across the globe to watch their favorite shows for free online on popular streaming sites such as hulu.com. Click here to head on over to Hotspot Shield to check it out.

Got a question you think should be included in our “faq,” don’t hesitate to email improve@clicktowatch.tv